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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Looking For Tulle Wedding Decorations?

Tulle is almost synonymous with everything bridal. If you are a bride, who for some reason is not in the know, tulle is a light material, similar to mosquito netting, that comes in every color and can be molded into a dress, a sachet for potpourri, decorative bows, and even drapery for a gazebo or outside reception tent. It is an essential tool to have in your bridal arsenal. For a bride it can make the difference between a flat dress and a princess' ballgown adding volume to the skirt of your wedding gown and, or course, it is the master material for the all important veil.

Tulle is a popular choice, because it is incredibly inexpensive and comes in just about every color, making it a great investment for wedding decorations. You can purchase it in bulk online or even at a local fabric or craft store. With some practice, it is easy to add small rhinestones, crystals or pearls to tulle to give it a more elegant, upscale look. A little craft glue or even a quick glue gun and you will have a tulle masterpiece made for little money and little time.

The possibilities are truly endless with this material! It can be tied around a formal ball room chair or a simple bamboo backed chair to change the look dramatically. It can be tied to create a napkin ring or used to wrap a parting gift. If you use a little starch, it will make the fabric stiff so that your bows and ties will stay in place.

For very little money, you can find many uses for this fabric. Good luck, and have fun incorporating it into your big day!

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