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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gazebo Wedding Decorations and Themes - How Imaginative Are You?

Whether you are getting married in an historic gazebo in your town park, or under a portable gazebo erected in your own yard, you need to decide on a theme around which to decorate your wedding gazebo. Obviously you may have to be a bit conservative when renting a historic gazebo whereas you can really go crazy in your own backyard! Either way, start by choosing a concept or theme for your gazebo wedding decorations.

Ideas for themed weddings are vast. Here just some popular and interesting ideas for wedding themes:

    * renaissance
    * fairy tale
    * garden
    * Victorian
    * western
    * tropical
    * black and white
    * Mardi Gras
    * beach
    * Christmas
    * Las Vegas
    * Hollywood
    * etc.!

You will be able to find decorations and favors for almost any theme you can think of really.

Alternatively, instead of going crazy with a specific theme, your gazebo wedding decorations could be as simple as picking your favorite colors to create a 3-4 color scheme.

Your gazebo wedding decorations could be reflective of the season of your wedding. Springs soft colors of renewal, such as pale blue, pink, lavender, white, lime green or yellow can give your wedding a romantic feeling. Bright hot colors for summer, like fuchsia, orange, aqua, hot pink, chocolate brown and black can make your wedding sizzling and sexy. Fall can mean natural tones like orange, rust, brown, gold, burgundy, and winter weddings include colors like ice blue, silver, white, gold, red, green, black.

You might decide to decorate your gazebo relating to you and your spouse's favorite things in life, be they dogs, or music, or hiking or whatever!  This is your chance to make a statement about who you are and what is important to you.
The more personal you make your gazebo wedding decorations the better photographs and memories you will create.

The list of materials that you could incorporate into your wedding gazebo is endless.  It is only limited by your imagination and your budget. You don't need a large decorating budget though, to make your wedding gazebo a touchingly personal reflection of you and your spouse.

There are many materials you can consider to use in your gazebo wedding decorations. Remember to keep everything on a large scale because your gazebo is now a stage with an audience. It helps to think like a stage designer if you can.  Try to be bold with your chosen decorating theme. Make your gazebo wedding decorations reflect your personality and personal style. Here is a list of some of the many materials available for your decorating needs:

    * Garland that can be made from anything you can string together
    * Flowers--choose very sturdy fresh cut flowers for outside weddings.
    * Silk flowers might be a better choice
    * potted tropical plants
    * potted bedding annual flowers
    * balloons
    * flowing fabrics--Tulle is the fabric of choice for draping objects
    * ribbons and strings of Pearls

Lighting for your gazebo wedding is crucial if you are getting married in the late afternoon or evening. Options for lighting your gazebo are:

    * outdoor string lights--you can find these in every imaginable themes
    * hurricane candles and lanterns, or better yet
    * battery powered LED candles and lanterns

Have fun with your gazebo wedding decorations and everybody will love them. Even if you hire a professional wedding decorator keep yourself in the loop and be part of the creative process.  You'll be glad you did when you look at your wedding photographs and remember that you created your own gazebo wedding decorations.

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Gazebo Wedding Decorations~Gazebo Wedding Decorations and Themes - How Imaginative Are You?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Beautiful Outdoor Gazebo Weddings

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