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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gazebo Wedding Decorations - Wedding Reception Planning

Gazebo Wedding Decorations are especially important part of your wedding decorations if you are going to be using it as the ceremony location.

If you are going to be using a gazebo as either the backdrop to your ceremony or, if it is large enough, maybe you are going to have your ceremony right in the gazebo, you definitely want to make sure that it is decorated nicely.

You might start to panick about how to decorate this huge structure, but you can actually get quite a few ideas from Wedding Arch Reception Decorations.

Gazebo Wedding Decorations - Basics

First, you should check the condition of the gazebo and make sure that it is clean with no cobwebs hanging out in the corners. Use a long broom to get rid of these as they will totally ruin the look of your gazebo.

If it is your own gazebo, you might want to throw on a fresh coat of paint or wood preservative to freshen up its look. Check the floor to make sure that there aren't any loose boards or nails sticking up that you might catch your wedding dress on.

Gazebo Wedding Decorations - Lights

Using candles outside, is probably not an option, however, if you are going to be having your ceremony later in the evening, you can always use the battery operated candles made to look real.

You usually can find them available in tealight, pillar and taper sizes.

Another way to add lights and magic to your gazebo is to string mini lights in and amongst the other decor that you choose to use in decorating your wedding gazebo.

Gazebo Wedding Decorations - Flowers

Choosing to add flowers to your gazebo decorations can be as easy as purchasing silk garlands to wrap around the pillars and structure of the gazebo.

You can also ask your florist to create some beautiful floral arrangement clusters which can then be affixed to your decorated gazebo with zip ties. You can also hang some floral balls as well.

Head Table Wedding Decoration - Fabric

Using fabric such as tulle or silk or some other flowing fabric is also a great way to decorate your gazebo. It is also a great way to hide the flaws in your gazebo if you are not able to paint or fix it prior to your wedding ceremony.

Although tulle is a fairly sheer material, as you layer it, it becomes darker and stronger in color being able to cover that which you don't want to be seen. You can also add lovely swags with tulle for a really elegant look.


How to Decorate a Wedding Gazebo

Gazebo Wedding Decorations~How to Decorate a Wedding Gazebo Wedding gazebo decorations can include tulle, sheer fabric, flowers and string lights. Personalize a gazebo for a wedding with helpful tips from a professional event coordinator in this video on planning a wedding. Expert: Tara Wilson Bio: Tara Wilson is the owner of Tara Wilson Events, a full-service event company committed to providing creative, well-executed and memorable events for individual and corporate clients.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gazebo Wedding Decorations and Themes - How Imaginative Are You?

Whether you are getting married in an historic gazebo in your town park, or under a portable gazebo erected in your own yard, you need to decide on a theme around which to decorate your wedding gazebo. Obviously you may have to be a bit conservative when renting a historic gazebo whereas you can really go crazy in your own backyard! Either way, start by choosing a concept or theme for your gazebo wedding decorations.

Ideas for themed weddings are vast. Here just some popular and interesting ideas for wedding themes:

    * renaissance
    * fairy tale
    * garden
    * Victorian
    * western
    * tropical
    * black and white
    * Mardi Gras
    * beach
    * Christmas
    * Las Vegas
    * Hollywood
    * etc.!

You will be able to find decorations and favors for almost any theme you can think of really.

Alternatively, instead of going crazy with a specific theme, your gazebo wedding decorations could be as simple as picking your favorite colors to create a 3-4 color scheme.

Your gazebo wedding decorations could be reflective of the season of your wedding. Springs soft colors of renewal, such as pale blue, pink, lavender, white, lime green or yellow can give your wedding a romantic feeling. Bright hot colors for summer, like fuchsia, orange, aqua, hot pink, chocolate brown and black can make your wedding sizzling and sexy. Fall can mean natural tones like orange, rust, brown, gold, burgundy, and winter weddings include colors like ice blue, silver, white, gold, red, green, black.

You might decide to decorate your gazebo relating to you and your spouse's favorite things in life, be they dogs, or music, or hiking or whatever!  This is your chance to make a statement about who you are and what is important to you.
The more personal you make your gazebo wedding decorations the better photographs and memories you will create.

The list of materials that you could incorporate into your wedding gazebo is endless.  It is only limited by your imagination and your budget. You don't need a large decorating budget though, to make your wedding gazebo a touchingly personal reflection of you and your spouse.

There are many materials you can consider to use in your gazebo wedding decorations. Remember to keep everything on a large scale because your gazebo is now a stage with an audience. It helps to think like a stage designer if you can.  Try to be bold with your chosen decorating theme. Make your gazebo wedding decorations reflect your personality and personal style. Here is a list of some of the many materials available for your decorating needs:

    * Garland that can be made from anything you can string together
    * Flowers--choose very sturdy fresh cut flowers for outside weddings.
    * Silk flowers might be a better choice
    * potted tropical plants
    * potted bedding annual flowers
    * balloons
    * flowing fabrics--Tulle is the fabric of choice for draping objects
    * ribbons and strings of Pearls

Lighting for your gazebo wedding is crucial if you are getting married in the late afternoon or evening. Options for lighting your gazebo are:

    * outdoor string lights--you can find these in every imaginable themes
    * hurricane candles and lanterns, or better yet
    * battery powered LED candles and lanterns

Have fun with your gazebo wedding decorations and everybody will love them. Even if you hire a professional wedding decorator keep yourself in the loop and be part of the creative process.  You'll be glad you did when you look at your wedding photographs and remember that you created your own gazebo wedding decorations.

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Gazebo Wedding Decorations~Gazebo Wedding Decorations and Themes - How Imaginative Are You?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Beautiful Outdoor Gazebo Weddings

http://www.betterbackyards.com - If you've ben thinking about an outdoor wedding, here are some ideas for a gazebo wedding. Outdoor weddings are unique, relaxing beautiful & romantic. Gazebo Wedding Decorations~Beautiful Outdoor Gazebo Weddings

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gazebo Wedding Decorations

For more information : http://weddings.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Gazebo_Wedding_Decorations

Gazebo Wedding Decorations

The right gazebo wedding decorations add elegance to a beach wedding or whimsy to a backyard garden reception. In addition to dressing up a simple structure, decorations can help cover imperfections or emphasize a theme.
Gazebo decorations can be classic or creative.

Gazebo Garlands

Garlands offer a simple and cost effective way to decorate a gazebo for a wedding. Multiple strands can be woven around the railings, across the pillars and columns, and swagged from the ceiling and roof.

A garland does not have to be a faux ivy vine made of plastic leaves and wire. Use alternatives to the traditional ivy that are budget friendly and enhance the décor theme:

* Garlands made of fir, pinecones and berries are a winter wedding idea that will compliment a Christmas or snowflake wedding theme.
* Grapevine garlands look lovely at a gazebo for a winery or wine themed wedding.
* Velvet ribbon or wide iridescent ribbon in colors that match the bridal party is a cost effective way to decorate a gazebo.
* Dried maple leaves or faux fall colored leaves flatter an autumnal wedding.
* Flowers, real or silk, can be wired into a garland and hung on a gazebo.
* Tulle wedding decorations, like garlands, create an ethereal effect at dusk when used on a gazebo.

Add decorative touches with flowers and tulle.

* Balloons are cheap wedding decoration ideas that can also be used on a gazebo during a wedding reception.

Affix garlands with clips to avoid damaging the gazebo. Create a unified decorating scheme by using the gazebo garland as an idea on decorating a wedding arch or pavilion.

Gazebo Lighting

Gazebos usually lack lighting, which can be an issue for couples who get married at dusk or on a cloudy day. Lighting also helps a professional photographer take better pictures of the couple and bridal party members.


Candles are a romantic choice and can be cost effective, but some reception locations do not allow open flames. Check with the location coordinator to find out the lighting guidelines. Anyone who is borrowing a gazebo from friends or family should check to be sure they can use candles in their decorations.

If candles are allowable gazebo wedding decorations, use them in the following ways:

* Attach them with clips around the railing of the gazebo.
* Hang candle lanterns around the gazebo roof.
* Use candelabras at the top of the altar area.
* Place oversized pillar candles in a fire-safe wedding flower arrangement and display on short columns near the steps.

Electrical Lights

Even if a gazebo does not have lighting itself, several outlets are often spaced around the edifice. White or clear light strands, especially when used with a garland, can help create a glowing scene. Some ideas for a rainbow wedding might include using multi-colored strands or picking a strand in the main wedding color like blue or purple.
Lanterns create a soft glow.

Weddings hosted in the evening may need even more lighting options. Instead of dragging out spotlights or house lamps, rent a large chandelier that can be safely hung above the couple in the altar area and use luminaries to line the wedding aisle.

Thematic Gazebo Wedding Decorations

A gazebo is a quaint outdoor wedding idea for a ceremony or reception. Even climates that are cooler can enclose a gazebo within a larger wedding tent to accommodate large numbers of guests. Small weddings with immediate family may be able to cover an open area with heavyweight plastic and bring in seating to accommodate 10 to 20 people in cold areas.

Versatility is important when choosing a wedding location and a gazebo can be decorated to highlight almost any theme.

* Garden Wedding Ideas: Use stepping stones to lead up to the gazebo steps, hang cascading floral arrangements from the roof, and cover the floor in rose petals.
* Christmas Wedding Decorations: Hang snowflake or icicle lights around the gazebo, decorate Christmas trees inside and outside the gazebo and use large red and gold bows on the gazebo pillars.
* Fall Wedding Ideas: Cornshocks can border the gazebo stairs, pumpkins can be placed almost anywhere and baskets of apples and pears can sit on the steps of the gazebo itself.
* Halloween Weddings: Decorations for a gazebo can be large spiders with webs across the gazebo roof, a fog machine in the background of the gazebo altar area, and carved jack-o-lanterns lining the railing.

Gazebo wedding decorations are limited only by time, budget and creativity. Tie the décor into the rest of the wedding theme in order to create a picturesque and memorable ceremony location.